Terms and Conditions of Bons Affiliate Program
These Terms and Conditions are applied at Bons Affiliate Program and need to be read by every Partner in order to cooperate with the Program.
Important Definitions
Terms of work
Basic conditions, Affiliates’ accounts and security procedures
  1. An Affiliate confirms by accepting this agreement that he or she has thoroughly read all the rules and recommendations provided by the current Terms and Conditions of the Agreement.
  2. By accepting the provided terms and conditions Affiliate confirms that he or she is over 18 years old.
  3. For becoming a member of Affiliate Program Partner creates personal login and password. These are confidential data that are secured from disclosure and loss by Affiliate.
  4. Affiliate Program guarantees that all amendments in the current Rules will be sent to Affiliates and shown as a special message when Affiliate logs in his or her account. Affiliate
  5. agrees to check the current Rules and get updated when there are any changes in the Rules. It’s Affiliate’s responsibility to ensure that he or she possesses the latest version of the Rules. If any terms in the Agreement aren’t appropriate for Partner, he or she can terminate the Agreement. If Partner continues working under current Rules, he or she confirms the acceptance of the Agreement in full.
  6. Bons Affiliate Program keeps the right to deny the cooperation with any Affiliate without providing any extra explanations or evidence for that.
  7. Bons Affiliate Program uses the rule Last Cookie Wins. It means that the Partner’s referral link has to be the last one which was used by Player to register with the Casino in order to get Earnings from the Player’s deposits.
  8. With Bons Affiliate Program it’s strictly prohibited to sell or transfer accounts to any third parties without letting Affiliate Program administrators know about such intentions.
Sources of traffic and common limitations
  1. Bons Affiliate Program keeps the right to ask an Affiliate to reveal information about sources of traffic. If the Affiliate cannot by any reasons provide information about traffic sources, the Affiliate Program administrators have the right to stop payouts and freeze any money transfers in the account of the Affiliate. If the traffic source is a website, Affiliate needs to specify URL-address, if the source is any kinds of arbitrage traffic, the screenshots of personal account in advertising system will be needed, if e-mail traffic is the main source, Affiliate needs to add to the list of mail addresses for advertisement sending. For social network advertisement, mobile and web apps or any other adverts the use of correct links is needed. If advertisement is used on any other languages than provided by Affiliate Program, Partner must translate the advertisement content when requested to reveal traffic sources.
  2. In Bons Affiliate Program it’s strictly prohibited to employ any kinds of spam mailing and spam advertisement. If spam advertisements are discovered, Affiliate Program administration reserves the right to close the Partner’s account at Bons Affiliate Program without allowing to order any payments and without paying the money earned and stored in the account.
  3. Bons Affiliate Program gives Partners a chance to send e-mail letters to players using e-mail databases formed by Partners. In this case mailing must be organized from a third party and the text of such e-mails must be sent to Bons Affiliate Program administration prior to getting approval and sending them to Players.
  4. The use of Branded Traffic is limited for Affiliates and it may result in getting possibility to work under standard RevShare commission plan only. The standard RevShare program commission is 20%, the standard commission according to CPA program is 35 USD. By Brand Traffic we understand any kinds of traffic which is generated by viral request and contains the name of Affiliate Program Casino. The name contained in request may even be written with mistake, it will still refer to Branded Traffic. If Partners are intended to use Branded Traffic, they must contact Affiliate Program administration in order to get approval for all conditions. Affiliate Program reserves the right to freeze the account and suspend the cooperation with Partner if any kinds of using Brand Traffic and consciously hiding this fact from Affiliate Program administration will be revealed.
  5. Any kinds of motivated traffic are strictly prohibited in Affiliate Program. The Affiliate Program may close the Partner’s account without any prior notices and without paying out the money which was stored on the Affiliate’s account.
Commissions, sub-partner system and negative carryover
  1. The dynamic Revhare commission model is the standard options for every newly registered Partner. It uses a simple formula: Partner Income = ((100% - royalty casino) * GGR + (100% - royalty betting) * Betting + (100% - fin royalty) * Fin GGR - CP - (deposits + payouts) * 10%) * aff%. The proper descriptions of Casino’s Royalty and also detailed information on RevShare commissions calculation may be found at Brand Section.
  2. There are also CPA and Hybrid CPA models which are available for Partners of Bons Affiliate Program. Once Partner wants to change the commission program, he or she must contact administration of Affiliate Program and agree on conditions which are likely to be individual and can be rejected by Partner with giving a prior notice not less than 24 hours before getting back to RevShare commission plan.To pass the Qualification, the sum of the player's deposits must exceed the CPA program's minimum threshold within 30 days from registration. Otherwise, the player is considered to not have passed the qualification requirements.
  3. Player accounts that made a deposit, but haven’t engaged in an in-game activity (spin, round, etc.), will not be eligible for CPA qualification.
  4. Bons Affiliate Program reserves the right to use the database of players qualified by CPA at its sole discretion.
  5. *IMPORTANT! Players are already in the database of one brand (Bons or Tedbet), will not be paid qualified by CPA/CPL at another one, and will be considered as multi-accounts. The RS part of Hybrid deals will be paid at both projects.
  6. If an invited Player wins money during a reporting period causing loss to the Casino, the Affiliate doesn’t get any Earnings from such player, his Earnings from this Player will equal zero.
  7. Any negative balance of Affiliate’s account can’t be transferred to the next reporting period. If Partner finishes the reporting period with a negative balance, it turns to zero in the start of the next reporting period, negative value is not applied after the end of reporting period. Bons Affiliate Program doesn’t cover any financial risks which Partners take when joining Affiliate Program.
  8. Affiliates can invite other Partners to join Bons Affiliate Program. In this case sub-partner commission will be applied. New invited Partner becomes Affiliate’s Referral and Affiliate will get bonuses from Earnings of new Partner.
  9. Referral bonuses are counted with the standard commission of 5% from the Earning of invited Partner. The bonuses are added to account of Affiliate when they are calculated in the end of reporting period.
Promotion materials
  1. Bons Affiliate Program provides promotion materials such as graphic banners, text links, text advertisement (needs to be agreed beforehand). Any information provided at Casino’s webpages may be used as promotion materials but needs to be unique – no text copying is possible. Affiliate Program reserves the right to terminate cooperation with the Partner if any cases of copying the text from Casino’s website are revealed. Also copying materials as they are may cause treating the Partner’s traffic as Branded Traffic.
  2. It’s strictly prohibited to employ Bons Affiliate Program promotion materials such as text reviews, referral links, graphic banners video clips, layout elements, logos in order to promote any other projects which don’t take part in Bons Affiliate Program. In case of revealing such cases Partner’s account may be blocked without prior notice and without paying back the money which was stored on the account.
  3. Bons Affiliate Program administration may ask for presenting only correct information about the Casino in the text review and graphic promotion materials of Affiliates. If administration reveals the facts of publishing false information in any promo materials, the cooperation with Partner may be suspended.
  4. Bons Affiliate Program administration may require to renew the information in text reviews and graphic materials such as logos, banners, links. If the Partner refuses changing the information in order to make it up-to-date, the cooperation with such Partner may be suspended and payouts may be postponed up until the information replacement takes place.
Violation of the Rules, fraud and scam cases
  1. Bons Affiliate Program doesn’t allow its Partners to register their own accounts in the Casinos of the Affiliate Program under their referral links. If administration reveals violation of this rule, both Partner’s account in Affiliate Program and in Casino will be blocked without paying back the money which was stored on both accounts. Also members of the family of Affiliate and people who are in close relations with him or her can’t register with the Casino using Affiliate’s referral link.
  2. Any Earnings of Affiliate which were resulted from fraudulent activities of Players can be taken back from Affiliate’a account. This rule has no time limitations, the money will be taken as soon as the fraudulent activity is detected by Affiliate Program administration.
  3. Bons Affiliate Program doesn’t pay out Earnings of Partners working by CPA plans if fake Players are revealed. By fake Players are understood Players with multiple accounts, members of Affiliate’s family and other fake accounts. If Affiliate Program administration reveals such cases, Partner’s income will be recalculated with the plans of RevShare program. Additional checks can be made if Bons Affiliate Program administrators admit non-typically high percentage of Players who leave Casino after CPA qualification is complete.
  4. Bons Affiliate Program keeps the right to terminate the Agreement with any Partner with giving a written notice about such termination in such cases:

    • false statements and wrong presentation of Affiliate Program and/or its projects;
    • insults for Casino’s or Affiliate Program administration, support workers.

    In such cases managers of Bons Affiliate Program may provide any evidence of these actions which might cause termination of the Agreement.

    Wrong presentation is an action which involves information manipulation and isn’t proved by any evidence like links, screenshots.

    Insults towards support workers of Affiliate Program and/or Casino are any texts containing offensive words or any direct or indirect insults towards people working for Affiliate Program and/or Casino.
  5. Any manipulations with the sources of traffic provided to administration of Affiliate Program are considered fraud and are the reason for suspension of cooperation with Partner.
  6. If there are any reasons to check Affiliate’s account for possible fraud or violation of the Rules, Affiliate Program administration can block the Partner’s account and stop any payouts for the period of inspection. If the inspection proves that the Partner has violated the Rules, Affiliate Program terminates the Agreement and doesn’t pay out the money stored on Partner’s account.
  7. In case Partner has got evidence that prove he or she is innocent, Affiliate should present such evidence to the Affiliate Program administration. Bons Affiliate Program administration is willing to view all the evidence and arguments to find optimal and honest solution for any case. The final decision of Bons Affiliate Program administration isn’t possible to appeal or subject.
Terms of payments and payout procedure
  1. The standard accounting period at Bons Affiliate Program is stated as one month.
  2. The Earnings include commission earned by Affiliate for inviting Players to Casino. The Earnings include certain percentage of net income of the Casino. Partners are allowed to choose any Affiliate Program they find the most appropriate for them.
  3. Five working days after the end of a reporting period are needed to calculate Earnings for a taken reporting period.
  4. The minimal sum of money which can be transferred with the help of electronic payment systems during payouts is 20 USD. For bank wire transfers the minimal amount of payment is 1000 USD.
  5. If Partners need to change payment and banking details, it must be done earlier than within 3 days before the end of a reporting period. Otherwise the changes won’t be taken into account.
  6. Bons Affiliate Program administration may postpone payouts for Partners, if his or her invited Players show suspicious activity. Such delay can be as long as the inspection of traffic sources takes place.
  7. Bons Affiliate Program guarantees to pay lifetime commissions on RevenuShare deals/ RevenueShare part of Hybrid deals, unless the Partner violates the Rules, causes reputational harm to the Affiliate Program and/or its brands. However, your custom RS deal/RevenueShare part of Hybrid deal may be changed depending on the amount of the FTDs per month you bring.