Up to 500$ for a single player with CPA model

Important terms
The CPA program allows Partners to get a stated sum of money for inviting every player. The earnings depend on individual conditions which are based on the history of cooperation. We forbid using spam mailing and advertising. Also fraud is impossible with any kinds of plans in Bons Affiliate Program. CPA traffic has to be of high quality. If your traffic meets these rules, you can earn 50-500$ per one invited player who successfully completes qualification rules. The final reward is calculated individually for every Partner.
Hybrid Program
It’s an optimal combination of a standard RevShare model and CPA program. Partners can get a CPA reward of 100-300$ for each active player and also take 25-45% of lifetime rewards counted from the casino’s net income from the invited player. Partners get a CPA reward after the player deposits more than the agreed sum, treated as a baseline. The qualification is simple enough, but the reward is worth trying.
How to start using CPA program?

At first Partners start working under the RevShare program which is a standard affiliate system at Bons. But after you’ve invited a certain amount of players, you can apply for the CPA program. We will need to check the Partner’s account and also to look at traffic sources before proposing a personal CPA reward.

These are general requirements to apply for CPA:

  1. You need to have invited over 20 active players with the RevShare program.
  2. For applying just write a message using support e-mail, online chat or messenger apps.
  3. Prepare the data about traffic sources that are used to invite players. Also, get acquainted with terms and conditions of the CPA program.
  4. Wait until the Bons Affiliate Program administration will check your profile.
  5. Receive feedback.
CPA Agreement – can it be terminated?

There are certain situations that can lead to Agreement termination. In this case, Partners can’t continue working under the CPA program and will return to getting earnings according to the standard RevShare program.
Here are the main possible causes for that:

  • Fraud. If Bons Affiliate Program administration reveals fraud, the Agreement will be terminated immediately. Multi-accounts, fake traffic, suspicious players’ actions, abnormal percentage of players who leave casinos after qualification for a CPA payment – these are the most popular reasons to check the Partner’s account in terms of fraud.
  • Low quality of Partner’s traffic. If Bons Affiliate Program administration reveals that an abnormal amount of Partner’s invited players make only 1-2 deposits before leaving casinos, additional checks may be needed. After making an investigation the administration will decide if Agreement termination is needed.

After finding fraud we stop CPA program immediately, informing the affiliate via email or Skype. The account blocking may also occur for the period of investigation. We reserve the right to block Partners’ account when revealing fraud without paying back the money which was stored on the account.

When the low traffic quality is revealed, the administration starts the investigation of traffic sources. If a Partner doesn’t give any information about the traffic sources, we recalculate the earnings using RevShare program percentage. In future Partner’s invited players will continue bringing income, but according to RevShare program.