There is a PAYMENTS section in your account at Bons Affiliate Program. We store there every kind of financial reports sorted by accounting periods and also provide information about affiliate bonuses.

There are no limitations at all, the revenue depends on your traffic sources and the amount of time which you can spend for working with the Program. We have examples of Partners who earn over 10000$ a month, they continue growing their revenue.

We understand that in the modern internet world being a webmaster is quite a hard job. So, Bons Affiliate Program created a special department with the main task of assisting our Partners in terms of search engine optimization, advertisement, website building, web design. We are always ready to help you and solve the hardest tasks in order to maximize your revenue.

We have added a lot of options for withdrawals in order to provide our clients with convenient financial service.

You can use such payment methods for withdrawing money:

  • EcoPayz
  • PayPal
  • Crypto (Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple)
  • Neteller
  • Bank Wire

The procedure of ordering bank payment is quite standard for all Partners.

1. You need to be a registered Partner of Bons Affiliate Program.

2. Provide your payment details in order to get payments with no delays.

Here is the list of details you need to provide:

Beneficiary name: /full name of a private receiver or legal entity who will receive the payment/

Reg. Number: /only for legal entities – company registration code/

Beneficiary address: /private receiver’s address or official address of the company/

Beneficiary bank account # (IBAN): /number of banking account in the internationally approved format/

Bank name: /official name of your bank/

Bank Address: /address of the bank branch where your account was opened and serviced/

SWIFT: /international code of the bank/

3. In order to get the payment, you need to send an electronic invoice at the start of a month. We accept PDF-format invoices in English language. Use e-mail in order to send invoices. Each account will need its own invoice in order we could operate withdrawals. Pay attention, the amount should be stated in EUR. In order to get the appropriate sum, just visit your account and look to the PAYMENTS section. We convert currencies automatically using the exchange rates of for the closing day of the calculating period.

Our details:

NestlingCorn Limited

Chytron, 30, 2nd Floor, Flat/Office A22, 1075, Nicosia, Cyprus

Pay attention: we won’t be able to operate the payments unless you successfully send us an invoice using e-mail No other e-mail address or messenger can be the alternative in this case.

How to make a correct invoice?

You can use our examples in order to create a correct invoice and get your revenue.

Bons Affiliate Program operates payouts each month. We pay at the beginning of every month – during 10 working days after the end of the previous accounting period.

For bank payouts time frames may differ, up to 10-20 days.

You need to contact managers of Bons Affiliate Program and provide all the information about your traffic sources. After this our managers will propose you possible CPA plans, if you can qualify.

With Bons Affiliate Program you can earn money by inviting new Partners. You can invite your friends, use special links and banners to attract webmasters and advertisement experts. These referrals will bring you from 5% to 10% of their net income. You can learn more about this option in the Sub-Affiliates section.